Choose Time Warner Cable TV as Your Cable TV Service Provider


  • HD Channels with No Fee
  • Movies and HD  Movies On Demand
  • Watch Your Favorite Local Channels and Sports Network in HD
  • Up to 200 Channels

Time Warner Cable TV comes to you with stunning picture quality that brings life like images into your living room! The matching surround sound creates a theater-like illusion that simply must be experienced. With thousands of channels to choose from and a host of programs like reality shows, fashion shows and sporting events,  the home entertainment scene is set to reach never-before levels. So, call today for Time Warner Cable TV packages and even ask about the hot new Time Warner Cable TV app that customers get for free when signing up for Time Warner Cable service.

High Definition

Time Warner Cable brings you sharp, crisp clarity of HD. With tons of HD choices with no fee, it’s a sure bet many of your favorite shows are available in HD.  Many of the movies and events on Pay-Per-View and On Demand are available in HD. Get the most out of your home theater with the best new movies and shows in jaw-dropping HD. It’s all HD, all the time. Be sure you have an HD set-top box. Just look for the HD icon in your TV schedule or check your On-Screen Guide.


With Time Warner Cable DVR services, the choice is always yours. Record in standard definition or HD. Have the freedom to record in one room and watch it in another with Whole House HD-DVR. And there’s even a way to remotely program recordings. Record your favorite programs and watch them any time you want. With over 80 hours of storage, everyone’s favorites can be recorded…learn more >>

On Demand

Get instant access to thousands of movies, music and kid’s shows – many in high definition with Time Warner Cable On Demand. It’s never been easier to get the best in entertainment anytime you want it.  Welcome to a world of instant entertainment, where more than 10,000 hit movies and shows are already on your TV, just waiting for you to watch them. Exactly what you want, the instant you want it. That’s On Demand…learn more >>

On-Screen Guide

Get in the driver’s seat with Time Warner Cable’s TV Guide. Use your remote control to explore and control features like On Demand and Parental Controls – right on your TV screen.  Tune in to everything Digital TV has to offer with the Navigator On Screen Guide and your remote. Channel surf while watching the game, restart popular shows with Start Over® and go back 3 days in time with Look Back®. You can even screen your calls on your TV screen with Caller ID on TV. Not a Digital TV customer yet?…learn more >>

TV Channels

Sometimes you and your family enjoy the same type of show, like great movies. Or sometimes you’re in the mood for something different — like listening to your favorite band. Now everyone can watch more of what they want, when they want. If you want movies or even a specific channels like Tru TV Time Warner Cable can bring it all home. A huge range of big hits, big series and big events. From sports to movies to live events to international programming. With Time Warner cable you can also get the programming you want, the way you want it – premium channels, on demand,music, HD and even 3D all under one umbrella…learn more >>

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