Time Warner Cable Channels

Time Warner Cable Channels brings you an ever growing channel database and personalized channel lineup. These packages are tailor made to suit everyone’s individual preferences.  Get access to regional, national and international channels wrapped into convenient packages. Tune your TV watching experience the way you want- with Time Warner Cable®, it’s all about you.

You don’t have to drive to the theater or rent a DVD to catch a glimpse of your favorite movie anymore. Watch the new releases, black and white classics, blockbusters and all-time favorites from America’s top premium channels. Whether you prefer action, romance, drama or horror- there’s plenty to pick from for the movie buffs with Time Warner Cable Channels.

Do some music genres make your ears bleed?  Would you prefer more of a variety? Time Warner Cable Channels provide a unique assortment of music channels for even the creative music lover. Access over a dozen music channels focusing on a variety of music genres like classic rock, pop, grunge, country, jazz, hip-hop, heavy metal, punk and much more!

With the array of lifestyle channels from Time Warner Cable, catch all of your favorites on adventure, travel, living and cookery programs. Get a taste of all the different cultures of the world. Observe the ancient Venetian architecture, learn the French way of cooking, scale the yellow deserts of the Kalahari- from your very own living room! Additionally, there are International channel packages and an exclusive Spanish package, sólo para ti.

Time Warner Cable channels offer packages that go with the favorites of all your family members’, from the hyperactive kids to the mature and gray. With a variety of reality shows, prime-time drama, animated cartoons, exclusive music channels, home improvement, fashion, entertainment and news channels- there’s always something for everyone.

Let’s not forget the sports addict! You no longer have to pay the big bucks or hunt for the best deals on season tickets to your favorite sporting event. With Time Warner Cable’s sports packages, you can watch all the adrenaline fueled plays from the comfort of your own home.  Time Warner Cable offers the NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, MLS Direct Kick and MLB Extra Innings just to name a few!

Get updates on the local news and weather forecast with Time Warner Cable Channels. You can access the broadcasts of your local TV stations and watch your high school or college team give it their all, live on TV. For those of you holding a foreign passport or ancestry, Time Warner Cable offers multiple language packages. Oriental or European -watch your favorite movies and TV shows in your native tongue.

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